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Golang v/s Python - Golang is the Best to Substitute for Python

Everything About golang web development

Python is flexible and has easy syntax. Python has many libraries that are specially designed for machine learning like PyTorch, Keras, Pandas, NumPay, TensorFlow and many more. And these frameworks or libraries reduce the cost of the development cycle of the initial stages besides saving time. Python is one of the top 7 programming languages which is used by people.

Python is also known as “scripted language”. But Golang is now considered to be an alternative to Python. Golang is statically typed, compiled language like c++ that boasts user-friendliness dynamically typed, interpreted languages like Python. Golang is so convenient, fast and secure to write code. Golang programming language is the best choice for web development programming today. Both Go and Python are general-purpose programming languages which means that they can be used in various development areas.

Comparison between Golang and Python are as follows:-
  • App development companies prefer Go lang over Python because it can fit in any application development.

  • Golang web development has proved that it is far better than Python and also faster for the same type of tasks in different cases.

  • Golang is more efficient than Python as in Golang programming language, and each variable is the type associated with it.

  • A beautiful feature of Golang web programming is that it has a very smooth debugging process. Because in Golang web development, letters are checked at run-time.

  • It has built-in support for web development. It means there is no need to use a framework.

  • Golang is one of the most popular languages of 2019. And it got 13th position overall.

  • In terms of salary, Golang won the argument between Go and Python.

  • It would be much more profitable for users to learn Golang because it is one of the highest-paid languages in the world.

  • Go has a built-in concurrency feature, it means that it can handle more requests at the same time, but for Python developers, it is not possible.

  • For performance-sensitive programs, Golang language is excellent.

  • App Development companies prefer to hire Golang developers over a Python developer.

  • Go is a compiled language While Python is an interpreted language, so it is a bit slower than Go.

  • Producing the code in Python is quicker, but while the performance, the code will be slower and on the other hand you might need to work on the system for longer, but it will be speedy.

  • For building applications, Golang is much more Good and safe. But on the other hand, Python is used in making company tools to take care of everything from business management to data analysis.


It would be not so easy to decide between Go and Python because comparing an old language with a relatively young language is not fair. Speed is one of the main advantages of Golang. In code execution, Golang is far better than Python, but on the other hand, Python is much better at production speed than Golang. You can conclude by the comparisons between Golang and Python that Python is not falling backward in terms of machine learning.

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