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Complete Guide for On-Demand Laundry App Development: Important Features

Give us a chance to guide help you comprehend the functioning of an on-demand laundry service mobile app.

The partners engaged with an on-demand laundry service are the rinser, conveyance person and the client.


Utilizing a site or an app, a client put in a request for laundry. He can likewise plan a period for the pickup of the laundry.

Delivery person

According to the booked time, the conveyance person gathers the laundry and takes it to the rinser. Once the laundry is done, the rinser requires a conveyance person and they gather the perfect garments and send it back to the customers.

Laundryman/ rinser

Once the rinser confirms the request set by the client, the conveyance man gets the laundry to him and they wash, dry and iron the garments and send it back to the customers.

With only a couple of taps and snaps, the whole laundry get bother free for the client. Do you need another reason for structuring an on-demand laundry service mobile app?

We have a lot of them! We should see what are the highlights to consolidate while building an on-demand laundry mobile application.

Significant highlights required structure an on-demand cleaning mobile application

So as to assemble an on-demand laundry service mobile application, we can separate the app functionality into three classifications to comprehend the highlights better from the perspective and ease of use of every client:

  • Customer app

  • Laundryman app

  • Delivery man app

Let’s understand the features of these mobile apps individually.

Highlights of client mobile app for structure an on-demand laundry mobile app

Easy login/ SignUp facility for customers

For better ease of use, the customers will be permitted to login/information exchange utilizing their mobile numbers and online networking accounts. This will spare them from the repetitive errand of entering their subtleties.

Type of services to choose from

Customers love options. The garments can be of different materials and they requires extraordinary treatment. For this, the customers will almost certainly pick the sort of materials, sorts of garments, cleanser and machine wash or hand wash inclinations, etc.

Schedule pickup

The customers will almost certainly select the pickup timings according to their convenience. They will simply need to choose the timings and the date of the pickup from the mobile app and their laundry will be gotten from their doorstep.

Estimated cost

Once the customers select the quantity of their garments and the materials, they will most likely view an expected expense for the laundry service.

Favorite laundry man

The customers can most loved a laundry man based on his service. Along these lines whenever the client books for laundry, he persuades an option to be served by a similar laundry person.

Order status

In the wake of putting in a request, the customers can utilize the laundry service to follow the request status. The request status will be changed by the laundry man and he will keep the customers refreshed with their request information.

Cancel the order

Ordinarily due to not really specific reasons, the customers need to drop their requests. The laundry service mobile application accompanies an inbuilt element to drop a request. This in a split second sends a notification to the conveyance person and the booking is dropped.


After the customers get their laundry, they will have a chance to include their input for the conveyance person just as the laundry man.

My offers

The customers can see their devotion focuses and their customized ideas from their profiles utilizing the on-demand laundry service mobile app.


The customers will get notifications as and when the status of their laundry changes. This will keep them refreshed all through the duration of the service.

Track driver

The customers will most likely track the drivers by utilizing their on-demand laundry service mobile application with the goal that they can know the status of their laundry.

Multiple payment options

So as to chop down the manual preparing, the on-demand laundry mobile app will enable the customers to checkout utilizing their different installment options. The customers will most likely make installments utilizing the charge card, Visa, net banking, , and so on.

Features of laundry man’s mobile app for building an on-demand dry-cleaning app


The laundry men will have their own dashboard to which they will most likely login/join utilizing their mobile number or web based life accounts and will almost certainly register themselves at the café. For this reason, they will be furnished with the login subtleties and secret phrase to verify their record.

Accessible client data

Once the laundry men acknowledge the request of a client, they will most likely access the client information, for example, the quantity of garments, the kind of materials, and so on.

Order history

The laundry men will almost certainly plunge into the request chronicles to follow the dedication of the customers. This can enable them to tweak offers for the customers.

Statistics and analytics

The laundry men will have a dashboard wherein they will most likely track the insights of their service per week after week, month, bi-monthly or yearly premise and makes investigation out of it.

Schedule and updates

The on-demand mobile app will consist of the schedules and updates. This will enable them to plan their undertakings effectively.

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